Manitoba Trophy Black Bear Hunts

 At Skyline Adventures we are focused on one thing. Big black bears! Manitoba is one of the best places in North America for producing big, record book black bears. Our hunts are conducted in an area adjacent to Riding Mountain National Park, which has one of the highest densities of black bear in North America. The area is noted for having the genetics that consistently produce big bodied bears with big skulls. Our Manitoba black bear hunts offer an excellent chance at taking a record book bear and multiple bear sightings and super high success rates are the norm, not the exception. If that alone wasn’t a good enough reason to hunt black bear with us, you also have a 40% chance that the bear you harvest will be colored.

We are bear hunting fanatics and we have been professional guides and outfitters for over 30 years. Come and experience some of the most incredible black bear hunting found anywhere.

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IMG 0454


IMG 0018

Another really nice bear for Dave! - Spring 2018

IMG 0505

Great First Bear Ian! - Spring 2018




Congratulations Ed! 450 lbs. B & C - 20 13/16!

This is your hunt…you don’t just want to get a bear, you want a record book bear, and that’s what we want too!  We will do everything in our power to put you where you need to be to achieve your goal of a taking a big bruin.  We have well established baits and our clients are only placed at active bait sites which have been pre-baited for weeks before they arrive on their hunt and this is why we produce monster size  bears every year.

Kelly and I offer you our personal attention. This is not a huge operation, where clients are dropped off by the busload at their stands. We take a very limited number of hunters every year, and we prefer to have a maximum of 4 hunters at a time. Our hunters may arrive as clients, but they truly go home as friends and many come back year after year.

Booking a hunt is an experience based largely on trust, and we have all heard stories from hunters who have booked a hunt and had a poor experience, and in some cases didn’t even see a bear on their trip.  You will see bears….. our hunts offer 100 % opportunity. No one offering truly wild hunts can guarantee a shot at a “Booner”, but we can put the odds in your favor with our experience and know-how. Our area is famous for and scientifically proven to have one of the highest concentrations of big black bears, with record book heads to match!

 Value for your hunt….we all know that something that costs the least is not necessarily going to be the best value.  You will likely find that there are cheaper hunts than ours, and if you want to just take any old bear, they might be what you are looking for. 

Bear hunting takes place in the afternoon and evening which leaves your mornings free to fish, read a book or just relax. Several nearby lakes have walleye and northern pike, while others offer world class fishing for rainbow and brown trout. Angling licenses can be purchased upon arrival. Feel free to contact us for information regarding tackle and lures.

 If you want a great experience, and a chance at a really big bear, please give us a call or email and we will work hard to make yours the trip of a lifetime!

WOW - What a way to end the 2016 Season!!!!

Congratulations go out to Mike S. Our last hunter of Fall 2016. He has hunted with us  a number of times and was super excited to take this 482 LB. Monster. Green Score - 20 4/16 !


Way to go Wally!  You made the front page!!!!

Spring 2016 - a GREAT start to the season!




Congratulations to our Nephew Randy on taking his first bear on a very special trip out to Manitoba with his Grampa Ross! Well done….we couldn't be prouder of you Randy!


        Aaron B. with his fall 2014 B&C bear!

      FLASH! Congratulations Aaron on taking the Manitoba 2014  Non-Resident Champion Black Bear for the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association.