The News

We are very excited to announce that  Kelly and I are retiring and our bear hunting business is being sold to  Cactus Hills Outfitters of Virden, MB!

We are booked full for 2018 and it will be our last year of operation. Cactus Hills Outfitters will be taking over at the end of the season.

They currently have openings for 2019,  please contact Dan, Sheldon or Matt at

We would like to thank all our past clients and friends for your loyalty over the years. We have had some great times, and made many lifetime friends. Although we will miss the outfitting business, it is time for us to tick off a few more experiences on our own bucket list! 

 We will still be here at the farm, and as most of you know, if you can come for a visit, we can always be talked into going fishing!

Many of you who will be joining us for this last year will get a chance to meet the gang from Cactus Hills and we wish them all the best and hope you will consider hunting with them in the future!

Fall 2017

Well, once again I have waited till December to update the page! My excuse is, this way I can wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and may your New Year be filled with prosperity, good health, and great hunting!

We had another super fall, as Howard, one of our newest hunters, said “ The weather was hot, but the action was hotter!”. Howard and his long time hunting partner Will had a very exciting week with Howard tagging out on a monster blacky the very first night.

  Will was having so much fun he decided to keep us all in suspense until the last evening, when he took a very nice blacky as well.

Will had never really seen many black bears before, so was pretty excited to have 8-10 bears a night visiting his site, a couple of them tried to join him in his tree stand, but he kept his cool and talked them down!

The next week was our group of archery hunters, with return hunter Steve bringing his son Buck and good friend Mike along and they had a very successful week as well! 

Tons of fun, great friends and great conversations as well!

Our final hunt of the fall was like old home week, with Craig, Royal and Tudy, who all saw some really great bears, but Craig and Royal were holding out for a specific color phase. Tudy tagged out on his biggest bear to date, and he and Craig will be back next year to join us again for their 5th year with us!

Guess we must be doing something right!

We are almost booked right up for 2018 only a couple of spots left, so if you are looking for memorable hunt, and a chance at a record book bear….don’t wait! 

Call or email us today:



You guys were toooo much fun!

IMG 0246

Steve with another good one!

IMG 0401

Buck with a great P&Y  Blacky!


Tudy with his best one yet!

Spring 2017

Yay……. The geese are back, some bare ground showing up around the country, can we help but think about the Spring Bear Hunt?

It was one of those crazy winters with some warm weather in January, a big storm early March, but all of that is behind us now! 

We had another great season last year with both Mike S. and Lee B. taking record book bears, both which will make the book for Non Resident in Manitoba. I will update, once we have the actual placing!

I know our spring hunters are getting excited, and we are looking forward to start of the season!

Contact us and book your spot today!


IMG 0086

Wow…. another monster 2017 spring bear….way to go Ed!

IMG 0125

Spring 2017 - Beautiful color phase bear Dave!

December 10/16

Once again I must apologize for being so slow to update and add news to this page.

The days just seem to fly by, and the next thing I know….it's bear season again! It was another strange fall weather wise, the farmers here were all counting on October to finish up their harvest, and of course it's when we go out and get our winter wood cut and stacked, clean up the garden, and basically get ready for winter. It started to rain and was one of the wettest Octobers we can remember, making it impossible to get much of anything done without fear of getting stuck and tearing up the fields. Luckily it turned around and we had our good fall weather in November, strange though, to hear combines running and there was even a few guys still baling straw…pretty unusual for that time of the year!

Winter has hit us with a vengeance now, we had big dump of snow and the temperatures have crashed to highs of only -23 during the day and right down to -30 overnight!  You know what they say about the weather…..wait five minutes…!

So, we went from this...


to this……..


...basically overnight!

Anyhow, enough about the weather…..just wanted to say how much we enjoyed everyone who joined us for a hunt in 2016, we look forward to seeing you all again, as well as meeting all the new folks who will be joining us for the 2017  season!

 The spring season truly is just around the corner, next thing you know we will be out baiting and have some fresh trail cam pictures up to get everyone excited.

We hope the Holiday Season is a wonderful time for you and your family and a Happy New Year to everyone!

I will leave you with a little video clip just to inspire some dreams of your future bear hunt.

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Fall 2016

Wow…..where does the time go?  It has been a fairly eventful summer for us, busy as usual, the weather has not been all that kind to us for haying, but has made the pasture great for grazing. The hay finally went up, with only one rain on it and always makes us happy when we can look out and see it all stacked and ready for winter. 

The fall bear season is less than 10 days away as I write this, and we are looking forward to seeing a number of our old friends and some new ones as well!

Baits are getting hit hard already and we anticipate another exciting season so stay tuned as I will try to keep posting pictures as we go along.

Spring 2016

Here are the latest pics, I think they speak for themselves!








News - Fall 2015

Well, I am so slow about updating, and to those who have been waiting patiently I apologize! 

It was indeed a busy and successful fall season! With 100 % opportunity and what can only be described as an amazing number of bears seen.

We had lots of our old friends joining us again and some new ones as well, with great bear hunting, excellent weather, and lots of fun! There were a number of close encounters of the bear kind, but the grand prize goes to Mike S. who had a bear come and poke it's head right into the window of his box blind and he kept his cool and snapped this picture. I can't remember exactly what his caption was but "Whadda ya mean you're not serving breakfast anymore? " seems to work!

IMG 3085-2

Kelly & I were pleased to have hosted a few hunters from Europe this year, and we really enjoyed learning about their hunting traditions and had lots of fun trying to pick up a few words of a different language. I can assure you, their English was much better than our Czech and Lithuanian! My favourite and only phrase I can remember is " I sveikata!".(A toast "to your health!")

I will be adding some more pictures shortly and also hope to have a video up soon. Coming soon….a page just for trail camera pics, with some big bears and some of the really funny stuff.

Here are some pictures of the fall & spring for you to enjoy!





Image 5

                  That look you get when you see a really big bear!

Image 4

Image 1

2014 News Update

We had a great season in 2014, as usual, many great bears taken, with a number of them making the B&C, P&Y, and Safari Club record books!

Congrats go out as well to Lee B. who took a beautiful wolf on his fall bear hunt, and to Aaron B. who took the 2014 Non-Resident Champion bear for the Manitoba Record Book!

Here are some of the pictures from the season for you to enjoy! 

Image 2
Image 5
Image 3

Image 1

Image 1