February 2016

Well the strange but wonderful weather continues, we were in Brandon the other day and there was actually a fellow wearing shorts!  Pushing the envelope a bit, but it was funny to see!

Not much snow, and that is good news for the deer herd, there was a little group of 4 in the yard a couple of days ago and they looked great. We have a few cold days ahead of us this week and then temps are back up again, for as far as the forseeable forcast. 

Keeping busy feeding the cows and sheep, and there are always a ton of little projects to do before the spring hunts. This is when I give Kelly the "Honey-Do" list, and he is working his way through it over the winter!

Looking forward to the spring hunts as always, seeing our old friends and meeting the new ones as well, These mild days should help the bears winter easier, and the long range forcast looks good for an early spring….fingers crossed!

Fresh Lynx tracks in the west pasture a few days ago and a pack of wolves  crossed down on the big pond as well. I have a picture of the deer in the yard, but sadly all the rest were night visitors.

We have  a number of hunts booked already for 2017, don't wait too long to book or your spot could be gone and we don't want anyone to be disappointed! 

Be seeing all you spring bear  hunters soon, it will be here before you know it!