January 2016

Hard to believe that another year has gone and we are now rapidly approaching spring bear season again! Happy New Year to our old friends and new, and hope to see you all soon!

We are officially into the January deep freeze here this week, temps are in the -25 celsius range and even colder at night. We can't really complain though, as we had a great fall and a mild winter thus far, very little snow and we were even able to fish on into October. Kelly and I had a fairly eventful fall though, as he ended up with a ruptured Achilles Tendon, and I managed to have a run-in with the rollup door on our tarp building, which broke bone in my upper palate, knocked my front teeth back into my head and put my teeth through my lower lip which required stitching inside and out! So Kelly has been limping around and I have to fight to keep him off that leg as much as I can, which isn't easy! Then for a few weeks I looked like I went 3 rounds in a boxing match! The good news is we are both on the mend, and will be back in fighting form for spring! 

Hoping to add a couple more pages to the web site with in the next couple of weeks, I have some video shot by Aaron B. on the very first week of last fall season that he graciously gave permission to use, and I am going to have a page with some of my favourite trail camera pics. There are a bunch of really fun ones and some of the really huge guys, to make you drool in anticipation of the coming 2016 hunts!  I will leave you today with a trail cam pic of a Canada Lynx, from a camera I had set not far from the house…enjoy!