Archery hunting for black bear is very popular and in any given year approximately 40 percent of our bear hunters use archery equipment. Our stands are placed strategically for archery hunters at distances of 12 to 20 yards, depending on the bait site location, the terrain and the size of the trees in the area. We also use tripods when required.Crossbows are also permitted for black bear hunting and must have a draw weight of no less than 68 kg (150 lbs,) and use an arrow (bolt) with a broadhead point no less than 2.2 cm (7/8 in.) in width.

 We strongly recommend the use of premium fixed blade broadheads for hunting our big bears. Remember our hunters take black bears every year larger than your average size grizzly. These are big, heavily muscled animals and deep penetration is essential. Follow up is through very dense understory where visibility is measured in feet, not yards, so it is imperative that your first arrow does the job and a through and a complete pass through with a large exit hole is desirable.

We also encourage archery hunters to practice shooting from an elevated platform approximately 12 to 14 feet off the ground at distances of 12 to 20 yards. This will provide you with the kind of practice that closely mimics what you can expect in the field.

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Sonny and a nice archery chocolate!


Manitoba regulations state that a bowhunter hunting big game shall not be in possession of a long bow or recurved bow requiring less than 18.1 kg (40 lbs.) draw weight at 71 cm (28 in.) draw; or a compound bow set at less than 18.1 kg (40 lbs.) peak draw weight; or an arrow using a broadhead point less than 2.2 cm (7/8 in.) in width. Hand-held mechanical releases which attach to the bowstring and are drawn and held using the person’s own strength are permitted. 

Manitoba has regulations requiring hunter orange. Bowhunters are exempt during archery seasons, but are encouraged to wear hunter orange when hunting in an area where there is a concurrent general (rifle) season.

 A hunter orange garment and hat must be worn by any person who is hunting, dressing or retrieving a big game animal or coyote or by any person accompanying or assisting a person hunting big game or coyote.

The hat must be solid hunter orange except that it may have a crest or logo not exceeding 78-sq. cm (12-sq. in.) provided that it does not completely cover the hunter orange on the side where the crest or logo is affixed.

The outer garment must consist of not less than 2,580-sq. cm (400-sq. in.) of hunter orange material, above the waist and visible from all sides. Hunter orange body camouflage is legal if the hunter orange portion meets the above requirement. The remaining outer clothing color is optional.