Hunter Ed. Certificate & Export 

All hunters in Manitoba must possess a valid Hunter Education Certificate/Card or equivalent from another jurisdiction. Hunters must be able to produce their valid Hunter Education Certificate or equivalent when requested by a Natural Resource Officer.

All Youth Hunters must be 12 years and older to hunt game birds and big game, and have completed a Hunter Education Program.

Hunting and the discharge of any firearms is permitted only from 1/2 before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.

It is illegal to kill a cub (young of the year) or a female bear with cubs.

It is illegal to possess bear gall bladders in Manitoba.

Only fall bear hunters may hunt coyotes and wolves during the fall bear season if they possess an unused big game licence, which is valid for the area, species and time period. There are no tagging requirements. The hunter’s big game licence number is all that is required to possess a coyote or wolf  taken under the authority of that licence. 

Exporting Your Bear/Wolf/Coyote

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) export permits are required before transporting a black bear out of Canada. A CITES export permit is not required if the hunter is personally transporting his/her fresh, frozen or salted black bear hide, the black bear hide with paws and claws attached, the skull or the meat of a black bear into the United States. Black bear paws and claws that are detached from the hide must be accompanied by a CITES permit.

 CITES export permits are required before transporting a  wolf out of Canada, but are not required for coyote.