Muzzleloaders are a popular choice for black bear hunts over bait. Our stands and blinds are usually situated to provide muzzleloader hunters with a shooting distance of between 30 and 50 yards. In Manitoba the minimum legal bore diameter for muzzleloaders used for hunting black bear is .50 caliber and it must shoot a single metal projectile, which may include a sabot.

There are no restrictions on the type of muzzleloading rifle than can be used and hunters are free to use in-line or break open muzzleloaders as well as the traditional flintlocks and percussion rifles. The use of scopes is also permitted.

Muzzleloader hunters who are flying to Canada will usually find that they are not allowed to carry primers, percussion caps, black powder or black powder substitutes on commercial airlines. You need to plan ahead for this and either make time to purchase these items at sporting goods store in Winnipeg or advise us of your requirements well in advance of your hunt, so that we can obtain what you need and have it waiting for you on arrival.

In Manitoba you cannot carry a loaded firearm in or on any vehicle or discharge a firearm from any vehicle, which includes cars, trucks, powerboats and off highway vehicles (ATV’s). A muzzleloader, with a charge in the barrel, may be transported between hunting sites only if the firing cap is removed or, in the case of a flintlock, the flint is removed.

We recommend using premium saboted bullets such as the 300 grain Hornady SST or T/C Shockwave, the 300 grain Nosler Partition or 290 grain Barnes Spitfire T-EZ. With cast .50 caliber bullets you should pick a flat nose 400 to 450 grain bullet such as the bullets offered by Montana Bullet Works. With cast bullets hard cast is preferable to soft lead so that they will not deform terribly when they hit bone. The goal is deep penetration with a big entrance and exit hole. 


All bear hunters are exempt from wearing hunter orange during the spring seasons. During the fall however, a hunter orange garment and hat must be worn by any person who is hunting, dressing or retrieving a big game animal or coyote or by any person accompanying or assisting a person hunting big game or coyote.

The hat must be solid hunter orange except that it may have a crest or logo not exceeding 78-sq. cm (12-sq. in.) provided that it does not completely cover the hunter orange on the side where the crest or logo is affixed.

The outer garment must consist of not less than 2,580-sq. cm (400-sq. in.) of hunter orange material, above the waist and visible from all sides. Hunter orange body camouflage is legal if the hunter orange portion meets the above requirement. The remaining outer clothing color is optional.