Wounded Bear Policy

The wounding of game is an unfortunate and usually avoidable aspect of big game hunting. As moral, humane and ethical hunters it is our responsibility to use our weapon of choice safely and proficiently. Everyone loses in the case of a critically wounded animal that is not recovered, especially the animal, so be sure of your shot. Do not shoot if the animal is in a poor position and wait for the bear to present you with a clear shot. Remember, the final decision on whether you shoot or not lies in your hands as the hunter, so only pull the trigger when everything feels good.

 It takes a decade or more to produce a big trophy size black bear and in any given territory there is a finite number of animals in that age class.

Because of the difficulty and danger in tracking a wounded bear through heavy cover, wounded animals may not be recovered despite every effort being made by your guide and outfitter to find it. Regardless of whether the wound is fatal or non-life threatening, that trophy bear is unlikely to return to that bait again. The outfitter has essentially lost this animal from his inventory and every bear that is wounded and lost represents a financial loss to an outfitter and is an opportunity denied to all other hunters.

 At Skyline Adventures our wounding policy is if you do wound a bear every effort will be made by the guide and client to recover the animal. If the animal is not recovered, the bear hunt is over. 

 An outfitter is not responsible for a client's lack of skill or proficiency with their weapon of choice.  The best way to insure that you won't have to deal with these issues is to practice and be as comfortable with your chosen weapon as you can be.


*** Any hunter who shoots at a bear, wounds a bear or kills a bear and does not advise the guide or outfitter of having done so, will have their hunt terminated.